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North Wales Hospital Denbigh

In December 2004 Rachel was awarded an Artsadmin Digital Media Bursary to develop her North Wales Hospital project. The hospital closed in 1995. During the next year Rachel hopes to develop a series of work that will narrate the history of the hospital, it's role as the first Asylum to be built in Wales, and uncover the traces of life that still exist beyond the decay and rot.

Rachel soaking up the atmosphere in the Hospital Chapel.

Rachel exhibited a small series of paintings as part of Beyond the Asylum, curated by Debbie Snow, an exhibition about the History of the North Wales Hospital which took place at Denbigh Museum and Library from the 3rd Sept - 2nd Oct 2005. During her research Rachel has been working closely with the North Wales Hospital Historical Society, the NWH Historical Society was formed in the early 1990ís to preserve and document the hospitalís history. Members of the society worked at the hospital for many years and they have been generously sharing their experience of working at the hospital, their knowledge of the hospital and it's history with Rachel.

These paintings formed the first part of a larger body of work which will explore many aspects of the hospital and it's role within the community.