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2014 is already racing along and a new website too!

Happy New Year 2014!

If I ever thought 2014 would roll gently in, I was certainly not thinking feet have barely touched the ground since Big Ben struck 12am on 1st Jan and all the fireworks burst into dynamic action.

A similar array of fireworks have been going off in my head ever since with lots of new projects exploding into creative action. 

My 4 Saints paintings are due to be exhibited at Parliament in February, so I am currently completing them in my studio.

A new Paralympic themed commission also arrived totally unexpectedly, and came with the opportunity to commission my fantastic film maker collaborator Abigail Norris to work on the commission too. We are creating an exciting new collaborative digital artwork. More on this commission when I finally receive the go a head to be able to spill the beans.....I can't wait to tell you more!

And if you are reading this blog you are now on my new Rachel Gadsden website. As with all new websites it will continue to grow and evolve during the next few months as additional content is added, both past projects, and exciting new ones too. 2014 maybe a very full creative year if everything goes to plan.

Please do sign up and add your name to the website mailing list if you are interested in receiving news about my forthcoming projects and exhibitions as they unfold.

Many thanks to Surface Impression and particularly Nicola Lucas who has been so patient with me, and has designed the brillliant structure for this new website.

That is what I like about a New Year it is a good moment to clear out and start a fresh, work wise that is, any domestic duties,  as you all know, went by the by years ago, I am an artist, what else would you expect from me!

My hopes for 2014 include a huge wish for more peace around the Globe and that you will have a good healthy 2014 and stay safe too.

Happy New Year 2014 to all my family, friends and colleagues around the Globe!

Posted by Rachel Gadsden, 11:01am 20/01/14


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