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Silence - the breath is Precious

It's been announced & I am so excited to be one of the "The Space" INAUGURAL OPEN CALL WINNERS 2014 

Silence - the Breath is Precious

Rachel Gadsden’s ambition for Silence – the breath is precious is to create a multi-layered narrative film that employs the epic nature of the desert landscape and the Shamal (????, north wind) as a metaphor for exploring the complex and often painful emotions that individuals and communities may have to endure when embarking upon a cultural shift. It also looks at the challenges and real anxieties experienced in embracing unfamiliar ideas and moving towards a different way of seeing and doing. The overriding motivation of this project is a heartfelt belief that complete openness and visibility can be achieved in relation to disability and diversity within families and communities, both in the UK and in the greater Arab world.


Posted by Rachel Gadsden, 06:10am 12/10/14


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