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BreakThrough UK Award 2014

I was so thrilled to hear on International Day of Disability 2014 that I have been awarded: 
BreakThrough UK - National Independent Living Award 2014 - Rachel Gadsden
"Influencing disabled people’s participation in society”

Judge - Lord Holmes of Richmond, Chris Holmes MBE said:
Influencing disabled people’s participation in society - This award recognises innovation and achievement by an organisation or an individual that has increased the participation of disabled people within their local and wider community.

'Community participation is an important element of independent living. Rachel’s artwork encourages disabled people and the wider community to challenge prejudices and break down barriers. By exploring the themes of fragility and resilience her art empowers communities to successfully challenge perceptions of disabled people and disability'. 

Posted by Rachel Gadsden, 08:01pm 18/01/15


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