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ILHAM Exhibition, Museum of Islamic Art, Qatar, 2015

ILHAM Exhibition, Qatar

Museum of Islamic Art, 2015


ILHAM (inspiration) is an initiative by the British Council, Shape Arts and Sasol to showcase new works by five international artists and two Qatari artists, all of whom have drawn inspiration from the extensive collections of the Museum of Islamic Art (MIA).

ILHAM accompanies the Definitely Able conference that will explore issues of disability and equal access to arts and culture in the Middle East. The exhibition introduces us to the practice of each deaf and ‘disabled’ artist, and presents new works that were made in response to a period of residency in Doha and exploration of MIA’s collections.

Assembled from around the Islamic world, MIA’s collections of art objects represent developments in visual culture from three continents and across 1,400 years of history. The diversity and breadth of the collections, and the artistic excellence that they exemplify, have inspired these contemporary artists and their practice today.

The works of Rachel Gadsden, Jason Wilsher-Mills, Juan delGado, Omeima Mudawi-Rowlings, Safiya Al Bahlani, Aisha Hassan Khalfani and Nouf Mohammed Al Kobaisi demonstrate the considerable rewards to be gained by working towards an inspiring and inclusive arts sector, accessible to all. Such increased inclusivity helps to broaden and enrich our view of art, history and each other. 

Al Jezeera News Article about the ILHAM Exhibition and Definitely Able Conference.