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Saudi Arabia

Misk Art Festival 2018

Exhibition, Performance & Master Classes

With the generous invitation MiSK Foundation, Rachel exhibited her artworks, gave 3 performances of Shamal and led a series of art master classes at MiSK Art Festival, Riyadh, Kingdon of Saudi Arabia, in April 2017. During the 4 day Festival 100,000 visitors viewed the galleries and performances. 

Working in collaboration with women who may never have had the opportunity to express themselves creativily, is an underlining motivation of Rachel's artistic preactise, so the opportunity to lead 4 art master classes with 40 Saudi women was significant and was a highlight too. Powerful artworks emerged where each of the female particpants had the opportunity to be creativitly expressive.

This commission and opportunity was one of the most thrilling experiences of Rachel's career to date - to be the first women to perform a "live" artwork in public in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was utterly incredible. The responces from the 15,000 - 25,000 audience members each evening was unimaginable, and after each perfromance a surge of women rushed to the stage to greet and speak with Rachel.

Further opportunities with the Misk Foundation have emerged and Rachel is hoping to return and to build on this empowering collaboration and partnership in the near Future.

Misk Art Festival