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Cube of Curiosity 2013

Cube of Curiosity

Rachel Gadsden & Marc Brew

Rachel Gadsden & Marc Brew performing at Liberty Festival 2013


Rachel Gadsden & Marc Brew were commissioned by Liberty Festival & the London Legacy Development Corporationwith support from Arts Council England to create a new dance/visual art outdoor perfromance Cube of Curiosity for Liberty Festival and National Paralympic Day 2013.




Cube of Curiosity 
Created by Marc Brew (Choreographer/performer) and Rachel Gadsden (Visual Artist/performer) in collaboration with:

Composer: Clare McCue

Designer: Ryan Laight

Percussionist: Calum Huggan

Production Manager: Ian Moore


Cube of curiosity is a multi-disciplinary performance of music, dance and visual art, which sets out to explore the physical and emotional dynamics of the human through the senses and perceptions of three characters: a percussionist/boy, a dancer/seated man and an artist/girl.

The performance takes place in and around a cubic metal structure, referencing the rigid composition of the fictional world which they inhabit; and emphasising in particular two spaces or environments: the inner and the outer.  Likewise three distinct art-forms, or beings, interact during the performance: complementing and colliding. 

The notion is expressionistic, each performer has his own journey, which is undertaken, sometimes in the company of the others and sometimes alone, exploring their strengths and weaknesses, the beauty and the horror of both their environment and their own condition; and examining the influences that they are able to exert upon their fellow travellers and the space that they inhabit; and ultimately the marks that they can leave behind – by virtue of their presence the difference that they can make. 

Cube of Curiosity video from National Paralympic Day and Liberty Festival Performance: