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Fifa - Hyundai Commission Women's Football World Cup 2019, Paris

In May 2019 Rachel Gadsden was commissioned by the Directors of FIFA and Hyundai Motors to create an artwork and film for the 2019 Women's World Cup in Paris.

The commission was to honour legindary USA footballer Mia Hamm and Gadsden as women who have fulfilled their True Passion through sport and art, and who have through their work supported and inspired women around the Globe to follow their True Passion too.

True Passion breaks barriers.

FIFA World Football Museum presented by Hyundai

#TruePassion Global Campaign Film

Created for Hyundai by Czar Amsterdam featuring Rachel Gadsden and Mia Hamm and directed by Michael Sewandono


Sky Sports Television

Interview with Mia Hamm and Rachel Gadsden at the
FIFA Women's Football World Cup Paris, 2019





Marie Claire Magazine 
Here’s why the Women’s World Cup 2019 is a watershed moment.
by Jenny Proudfoot
2nd July 2019

Excerpt......this World Cup has brought in over 433 million views on Fifa channels all the more impressive. Women’s football isn’t just about the sport – it’s about rejection, resilience and revival. It has taken a long history of struggle to get to where it is now, and knowing that history only makes the game all the more inspiring.
‘I think the way society and the world is viewing women’s football players can be seen in the television numbers, can be seen in the tickets sold, can be seen in the passion both pre and post-game in this tournament and obviously four years ago in Canada,’ explained retired US football legend, Mia Hamm, whose painting by disabled artist, Rachel Gadsden, is a focal part of the exhibition. ‘It’s just getting better and better over time the more visibility that people can comprehend and see that these women are not only amazing athletes and amazing footballers but amazing role models. Not only for young girls but for society as a whole.’
Going on to champion the exhibition and Hyundai’s True Passion campaign, she continued: ‘You walk in here and you see the history of women’s football, that this game and the women playing it have been around for a lot longer than our first world cup. It is rooted in history it is rooted in everyone’s communities and to acknowledge that and to celebrate that motivates us to continue to do even more.’