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Al Noor: Shamal Performance

Shamal ????

Video link to see Rachel's Performance of Shamal:
Misk Art Festival 2017 - Shamal Perfromance

Shamal – ????
is a 17 minute live performance, part of Al Noor ~ Fragile Vision, a music, art, and digital-film collaboration created by Rachel Gadsden (visual artist), Claire McCue (composer), Abigail Norris (filmmaker) and Lesley Shrigley Jones (cellist) that employs the epic nature of the desert landscape and the Shamal [ ????, north wind] as a metaphor for exploring the complex and often painful emotions which individuals and communities may have to endure when embarking upon a cultural shift, the challenges and real anxieties experienced in embracing unfamiliar ideas and moving towards a different way of seeing and doing.  Emotional and thought provoking this performance ultimately explores notions of survival and hope.

Shamal was premiered at DaDaFest 2014 in Liverpool.

Shamal will be perfromed as part of the Wheee! Festival in Nottingham, 29th May 2015 at 7pm as part of a collaboration with Architects of Air. This collaboration will continue when Shamal is performed and as part of National Paralympic Day and Liberty Festival 26th July, 2015, at the QEII Olympic Park, London.

Shamal Digital Film 17 mins:

Shamal Film short 3 mins:

From the initial "creative days" we spent learning about the project so far, seeing the film clips from Qatar and hearing about the personal struggles and artistic reactions of the amazing people Rachel had been working with, I knew Shamal was a special project. As the composer, I wanted to try and create a soundscape and score which reflected all these images, sounds and emotions, fragility and strength, and so I went on quite a unique kind of compositional journey. I felt immensely lucky to be a part of this wonderful, inspiring creative team within the wider project, Al Noor.

Claire McCue Composer Al Noor~Fragile Vision