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Disability on the Wall, Bahrain 2015

Rachel Gadsden in collaboration with British Council, Bahrain

An artistic project with Disabled and Non-Disabled young people and adults in Bahrain

Following on from the very successful past 3 years of the British Council Art - Abled collaborative project with Rachel Gadsden in Bahrain, the focus for the 2015 program was to take the work into the public domain, and hence the working title for the 2015 series of workshops and public performance event is Disability on the Wall. The intention was to continue the ambition of making disability ever more visible within the ociety of the Kingdom of Bahrain and to use this platform to create an arena where issues relating to disability can be addressed and discussed openly by disability groups, families and the wider non disabled community.

During a 5-day program Rachel Gadsden undertook a series of artistic workshops with 100s of young people and adults from groups that have already engaged with the Art - Abled program during the past 3 years and also to new invited disability groups and organisations. 

The continuing underlying motivation is to express through creativity how disabled individuals and young people interact within the wider community. The ambition was to create a series of large-scale wall panels/canvases that narrate and capture the identities of the many disabled young people that live within the Kingdom. Past project themes focused on portraiture and these images were additionally amalgamated into the final design of the wall panels/canvases, to capture the scale of this exciting ongoing program.