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All At Sea - Music & Visual Art Performance

Commissioned by Dare Festival, London and DaDaFest, Liverpool, All at Sea – is a creative collaboration between visual and performance artist Rachel Gadsden and composer Freddie Meyers featuring renowned Syrian oud player Rihab Azar, sign performer Stacey Stockwell and enthnographer Dr Yafa Shanneik. The artistic enquiry focuses on the plight of refugees who have settled in the UK, Germany and Jordon. Migration narratives have been explored with refugees to stimulate powerful evocative responses. It is hoped the emerging performance will express the challenges and hopes of diaspora, and will consider how individuals not only survive harrowing migration journeys, but also how these cataclysmic experiences authorize future existences and can ultimately empower individuals.

Link: All at Sea, Dare Festival & DaDaFest International 2018